Value Life.

Chemill is a pharmaceutical company committed to impacting the quality of life by developing solutions for social problems caused by health issues. Our fundamental purpose is to accelerate access to affordable, innovative healthcare solutions that ensure financially sustainable health systems.
We operate in the public sector and private sector. In the public sector, we empower the purchasing abilities of the healthcare authorities, by making available generic drugs that are of the highest quality and affordably priced. In the public sector, we serve every Government and quasi-govt. bodies, Hospitals & other public institutions, and purchasing organizations. In the private sector, we enable increased quality of life for consumers, by making available innovative healthcare solutions for social and lifestyle issues impacting the local populations. In the private sector, we serve all private hospitals, medical facilities, clinics, Doctors, specialties, Key Retail Chains, and all local pharmacies.
Our active supply partnerships span the globe and we have in-depth relations with several key global generic companies and innovative Medtech companies.


Why choose us?

We’re driven by our mission to impact the quality of life and ensure financially sustainable health systems. Everything we do and every process we follow is given by this single commitment. By design, we’re a lean organization and our processes prioritize our mission over profit. Moreover, we attract impact-driven people who are fulfilled by the work they do and the impact they deliver.

This makes us immensely successful in the markets we operate and we experience a huge influx of opportunities.

We Champion the Cause of Affordable Healthcare to profoundly Impact Quality of Life.

To accelerate accessibility to affordable, innovative healthcare solutions that ensure financially sustainable health systems


Our teams cover the following segments in Hong Kong & Macau

Private & Public Hospitals
Retail Pharmacies& Retail Key Chains
Doctors & Specialists
Clinical Trial Facilities &Medicine Companies
Department Stores
NGOs & Govt. Institutions
E Commerce Platforms
GBA Hospitals (China)

Key Values

Bold Leadership:

We act boldly, in the face of adversity, challenge the status-quo & lead the way forward.

Act Now:

No Actions is equal to No Results. The only time to take Action is NOW.

Value Life:

We value Life, All of life, every life. It’s our duty to ensure we value Life, take care of ourselves, our people and our environment. Our employees have a good experience and are fulfilled in all areas of Life.


We‘re always present to the Impact we’re committed to create. All our thinking, acting and planning is solely driven by this intention